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ERNOP Gathering of Leaders of Academic Centres 2017




2-3 NOVEMBER, 2017



Short Description

New academic centres on philanthropy are emerging in European countries in an attempt to study the growing phenomenon of philanthropy in a European context. With this inaugural Gathering for Academic Centres of Philanthropy, we hope to bring together directors/leaders of academic centres of philanthropy and ERNOP (European Research Network on Philanthropy) institutional members for candid and collaborative discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities in the teaching and research of philanthropy. This small and intimate workshop hopes to create an active and open space to uncover and share insights, experiences, best practices and ideas for collaborations to enhance the impact and visibility of our respective research centres. 

This inaugural gathering is organized by the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair at ESSEC Business School (France) and the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP).

The first day is dedicated to workshops among the directors of leaders of ERNOP institutional member organizations and additional invited academic philanthropic centres. The second day adds leading practitioners from philanthropic organizations. Leaders will be able to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, what is new, and what to try next.

Invitees are encouraged to prepare a short presentation to showcase their organization’s work and interests during day two. However, this workshop does not include paper presentation sessions in order to avoid any redundancy with the ERNOP academic conference (organized this year in Copenhagen, July 13-14). 


ESSEC has agreed to sponsor the registration fees for the first 3 people from each ERNOP institutional member or other invited institutions and foundations. Additional attendees from each institution would be asked to pay a 120€ workshop fee. Lunches, Thursday dinner, and coffee breaks are included, but travel and lodging is attendees’ responsibility. There will also be an optional pre-gathering dinner on Wednesday, 1 November, and an optional post-gathering apéro (happy hour) following the event.This event is open to ERNOP institutional members and additional invited attendees. To ensure a small and intimate environment, participation will be limited to roughly 60 people and is by invitation only.

The deadline to register is 30 June, 2017. If you or members of your team have questions or ideas for additional workshop session topics, contact Greg Molecke at  greg.molecke@essec.edu.

Registration is available here

Deadline to Register:  30 June, 2017

Day 1 Workshops

The first day’s workshops are intended specifically for academic centres of philanthropy. Workshop topics will be partially based on feedback from attendees and may include:
The Business Models of Academic Centres of Philanthropy.
What are the business models being used by ERNOP’s institutional members? What are the key inputs, processes, and outputs? Are centres considering adding or discontinuing activities?

Improving Relationships with Funders and Partners
How do ERNOP’s institutional members attract and manage their relationships with their partners? How do centres manage the diverse needs and interest of multiple partners?

Opportunities for Collaboration among Academic Centres
How might ERNOP’s institutional members better work together? Attending members will be submit ideas and suggestions prior to the gathering and will discuss these proposals.

Communicating Impact and Gaining Visibility for Our Work
How do ERNOP’s institutional members communicate to general and non-academic audiences? How can academic centres better convey their impact to a broader audience?

Philanthropy and Academic Publishing
Strategies for publishing philanthropy-based academic research in top journals.

Teaching Philanthropy 
How is philanthropy being taught in the classroom? What resources are available? 

Day 2 Workshops

The second days workshops are joint discussions between the directors and leaders of both academic and practitioner organizations. Three sessions will showcase academic centres work and how it might be valuable for practitioners. Themes will be developed based on the submissions received. A final session is devoted to creating next steps for both a second gathering and for new partnership and collaboration opportunities.

Tentative Schedule of Workshops


 We are looking forward to welcoming you to Paris in November!